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This is great! Sans snobby food judging. ;)

Impressive, emotive, simply beautiful.




A Conversation With Banksy, Tracking the Evolution of ‘This Is My New York Accent’ by Banksy

Recently been having some conversation with fellow New Yorkers on the hype of Banksy. Interesting how this video seems to show how the artists see him as an invasion, perhaps? Wondering what others thoughts are…

Fireworks for navy’s centennial fleet review. Fun fact: Sydney Harbour resembled Pearl Harbor in 1942 as 40 warships, including 18 foreign vessels and 16 tall ships, anchored and tied up this wknd between White Bay and Shark Island.  (at Sydney Harbour Bridge)

Fireworks for navy’s centennial fleet review. Fun fact: Sydney Harbour resembled Pearl Harbor in 1942 as 40 warships, including 18 foreign vessels and 16 tall ships, anchored and tied up this wknd between White Bay and Shark Island. (at Sydney Harbour Bridge)

ever wonder who was the first, where did it come from? well now there’s a one stop shop for the first digital posts 


In Colombia …  Coke launched the first ever bottle made out of ice. Same flavor, same refreshing experience less the plastic or glass waste when you are done drinking. Pretty smart, especially if served in a bar on the beach.

(via Ice marketing is hot (and eco-friendly) | Adverblog)

Sometimes a great, inspirational, point can be made within a matter of minutes, but the real solution comes in the hours, days and years we build to turn it into to a reality. 

Turn the taboo around on suicide and speak up, speak out, and speak often to those in need. 

While not holding all the gusto of others in the Cannes running, Ragu had the best insights to each ad. The childhood we remember is probably easy, free of responsibility, and blissfully ignorance. But these ads capture those all too relatable moments that just make the childhood feel tough. 

So here’s a game - why not take a stab at my own 2013 Cannes Predictions

So we’re in the thick of it, with many Cannes winners already announced (Disclaimer: I’ve not been following the results as I should have). But that now gives me the ability, while delayed in thought, to pick my top five predictions. Now I’m not of the luxury with time to plow through all the creative entered or even that that’s made the shortlist of Cannes. So I’ve taken my selections from the trusted Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions 2013 Final Showreel. Using some analytical magic and know-how – a.k.a. the buzz around the office and a strategic gut instinct – I’ve predicted who these top five contenders are.

McCann’s “Dumb Ways to Die” was destined to win from the start. If one’s been following any award shows previously this year, they know it’s been taking home the crown in each race. The question is why? There are three compelling factors to this spot: 1) The execution style of a risky vivid depiction of deaths portrayed with upbeat music and colorful cartoon characters 2) The build to a message that is both unexpected and memorable and 3) The uncharted approach taken towards a PSA. While targeted towards a young audience, its catchy tune and quirky approach make it a homerun.

There are two viable contenders around the beauty that comes from within us: Dove “Real Beauty” and Intel and Toshiba’s “The Beauty Inside”. Each challenges us to question the way we see ourselves and the importance of accepting the ‘beauty’ that exists outside to project the beauty from within. But which of these entries do I find unique enough, compelling enough, and far pushing enough to win? For me, it’s another win for Dove. It added tangibility to a long fought argument telling people they are more beautiful than they think – the creative execution itself is impactful, emotional and inspiring. It didn’t require the bells and whistles of a huge production cost, just executing the insight that the barrier to women is that they themselves aren’t aware of their beauty.

My next choice is an ad I wasn’t exposed to before this selection process, but its impact was so strong I have to believe it sits as a top contender. Helpless presents a story line that is passioned and executed brilliantly. But beyond that, it hits on one of the greatest human fears – death– and in a climatic way that really prompts action from within. 

Oreo has impressed me for months with the Oreo Daily Twist. The development power to execute daily content that is not only culturally relevant but reimagined through the image of an Oreo is mind boggling. Oreo combines two world behaviors: hacking and real-time context to create conversations and engagement. As for branding, what an excellent idea to utilize the iconic cookie as a backdrop for the entire activation.

The Titanium award winner to me for the most unique use of media is hands down Secret Diary of a Call Girl Radio. What a fantastic way to join your brand with a stunt and take radio to the next level.  

There were other great insights along the road to my rankings that weren’t executed at my top 5 level: no one likes to spill their beer, we were all a weird kid at some point, we all need to escape sometimes, it’s about going where the eyes are, childhood had its tough moments, and many more.  This is why they made the ranks of Leo Burnett of course.  

Overall let’s just be thankful that there were some brands willing to take the risk and make ads that have the power to impact more than their brand.